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About Baruk Khazad - Arkenstone

Founded in May 2007 by Minardi, Baruk Khazad is one of the oldest kinships on Arkenstone. Originally a dwarf-only kinship, we still adhere to dwarven principles of Honour, Respect and Duty, though we welcome members of all races.



Please sign up with a user name that we will recognize, preferably the name of your main character. If this is not possible, please indicate in your application which toon(s) is (are) yours.

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Ready for Rohan?

by Ryvick, 2446 days ago

Are you ready to ride into Rohan in 2 days? The Launch of Rohan also signals the end of the Autumn Fest so get your new Autumn steed now!

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Rohan Launch Delayed till October 15th!

by Ryvick, 2498 days ago

You heard correctly. The Launch of Riders of Rohan has been pushed back to October 15th!

More info here :

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Riders of Rohan!

by Ryvick, 2575 days ago

Riders of Rohan has been announced for Pre-Order and launches September 5th!
More details at the website:

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