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Founded in May 2007 by Minardi, Baruk Khazad is one of the oldest kinships on Arkenstone. Originally a dwarf-only kinship, we still adhere to dwarven principles of Honour, Respect and Duty, though we welcome members of all races.



Please sign up with a user name that we will recognize, preferably the name of your main character. If this is not possible, please indicate in your application which toon(s) is (are) yours.

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re: Loth

Been afk for a has had its share of distractions and I've been adulterer: I played a different video game. I suppose the good news is it was another turbine game (for the record, DDO) and I won't deny that I enjoyed it. It's no lotro tho:) Just had a funny thought, too, with the whole gaming infidelity theme. I guess i wonder if saying 'it was another turbine game, but no lotro' is like saying to a spouse 'yeah, but she is your sister, but I still think you're hotter.' This is strictly a gaming metaphor, however, so please noone get the wrong idea DDO...what can I say...I played DND as a it has/had an appeal...but while I have to play a little bit longer (got to spend those TP), I hear Feb. is mount month in lotro (no, i'm not being naughty...I just always am a sucker for those 1995 tp mounts...and now they come in bundles....hell, anyone who has at least one steed of bright days has issues.....and I got two of those bad boys). Miss lotro, miss the kin, miss Brendi, Gunky, and Malcory chatting me up about music...just don't miss running the new instances over and over. I do hear tell that we'll soon be able to take our skirmish soldier questing...that in and of itself (plus the new zone) has me I'm coming back...yeah, I may never get a worn symbol...but I might get a steed of the hunter, or guardian, or ....hell, I'll just get em lotro pokemon:) Alright...that's it for today..Just checking in..probably noone will see this anyway, but I had a mild degree of fun typing it:) Peace BK. You guys are the best (except for that Loth cat....he's a loser and noob). And for the record? Don't try that 'she's your sister but your hotter' line at home....just trust me:) Loth
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