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Founded in May 2007 by Minardi, Baruk Khazad is one of the oldest kinships on Arkenstone. Originally a dwarf-only kinship, we still adhere to dwarven principles of Honour, Respect and Duty, though we welcome members of all races.



Please sign up with a user name that we will recognize, preferably the name of your main character. If this is not possible, please indicate in your application which toon(s) is (are) yours.

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re: Kinship Awards

If you look at the bottom left, you'll see the Recent Awards widget. This is something new I'm going to try out, and will require kinship participation.

Any time someone in the kinship does something that, in your estimation, is worthy of an award of some kind, let me know either in-game (via Tell or mail) or by PM on the forums. Please be specific in describing the award-winning behaviour so that the most appropriate award can be given.

Award-winning behaviour can be anything worthy of note - outstanding generosity, for example, or something bizarre like falling to one's death in an unlikely location. The weirder, the better. If no appropriate award currently exists for this situation, one will be made up.

You cannot nominate yourself for an award. Awards can only be given to other people.

Merit-based awards will occasionally come with actual in-game prizes. ;)

Haranthir has won 2 awards so far. Step up your game!


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