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Founded in May 2007 by Minardi, Baruk Khazad is one of the oldest kinships on Arkenstone. Originally a dwarf-only kinship, we still adhere to dwarven principles of Honour, Respect and Duty, though we welcome members of all races.



Please sign up with a user name that we will recognize, preferably the name of your main character. If this is not possible, please indicate in your application which toon(s) is (are) yours.

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re: Gunky's Moria Run Challenge!

This is an open-ended contest of sorts. It came to me while writing a guide to Moria - I wanted to see how long it takes to run from one end of Moria all the way to the other, so I picked a route and timed it. The first route took over 20 minutes, and the second took 16 and a half.

From this comes the challenge: run from the door at Durin's Threshold to the door at First Hall in 15 minutes or less. If you can make this time, I pay you a gold.

First, some rules:
1) No riding. You must make the run on foot.
2) No swift travels of any kind (Hunter/Warden ports, summoning, etc.).
3) No run speed buffs of any kind (from class skills, worn items, consumables, fellowship buffs, or any other source).
4) No jumping across cracks or pits, or long falls to cut corners. Any fall more than half a hobbit high is forbidden. You must be able to auto-run the entire distance without jumping or falling.
5) Must start within a few feet of the exit at Durin's Threshold and end within a few feet of the exit at the First Hall.
6) Runs must be timed by a second party - you cannot time your own run.
7) Challenge reward pays once per player (not per character - please don't abuse me). And it's kin-only.

Gawarrin made the run in 16:25 - that's the current time to beat.


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