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Founded in May 2007 by Minardi, Baruk Khazad is one of the oldest kinships on Arkenstone. Originally a dwarf-only kinship, we still adhere to dwarven principles of Honour, Respect and Duty, though we welcome members of all races.



Please sign up with a user name that we will recognize, preferably the name of your main character. If this is not possible, please indicate in your application which toon(s) is (are) yours.

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re: Recruitment Drives

We had a mini-event last night that was a lot of fun and got our good name out there. It really wasn't much besides goofing around in Bree-town, /hailing and /roaring at people and wearing the uniform. Those of us with pets renamed them to "WeAreRecruiting" and "JoinBarukKhazad." We strutted around like we owned the place, met some new people and got people talking about Baruk Khazad.

This event showed that we offer something other kins may not. It was something concrete that made an impression on those who saw it - it wasn't just empty, generic words.

For a first attempt, I think we did OK. One guy asked to join and then immediately left when it became clear to him that we weren't going to let him leech off of us. No loss there.

We're going to keep doing these mini-events. It won't always be just marching around Bree-town /roaring at people, but they will be social occasions. Freeze-tag matches, epic drinking binges in the Shire or Thorin's Hall, horse parades, music festivals.... whatever. We'll announce the events, invite people to show up and have our recruitment pets standing by. It may be a disruption for some - attendance is not mandatory, but it will definitely help out in the long run when we have more people to group with.

I'm always welcome to suggestions. If you have an idea for a recruitment drive event, let me know and we'll work it out. We want these to happen in high-population areas with large numbers of new, unaffiliated players, which generally means low-level areas like Bree, the Shire and Ered Luin, but Lone-Lands and North Downs are also usually busy. Be creative - it's all about having fun Happy


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